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9th Grade Party - VNJrH

Jim Lind's 15th Birthday Party, March, 1963, Van Nuys, CA

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Attendees at best as I can figure out or remember and not necessarily in this order:

  • Jim's grandfather (bad editing job), he was in the previous section :o)
  • Ted Henry dancing with Vail Schaffer (blue flowered blouse). Vail moved and went to Taft.
  • Melanie Mapes ( blue dress with white shaw) and tall surfer high school dude date with the tie.
  • On couch Joanne Polacheck (dark hair, salmon short sleeve blouse and orange pants).
  • Ted Henry dancing with Joan Osborn (blond pony tail in white) in brown pants.
  • Louise Pansanti (not likely, but who is this?)in blue dress with white sweater next to Melanie's and her date.
  • Phil Buccola dancing with Minah Harris (light blue blouse).
  • Janet Elliot with white pants and salmon blouse and hair up dancing and interviewed.
  • Carolyn Falls in pink dress.
  • Phil Buccola (white short sleeve shirt, tails out) interviewed by Jim's mom.
  • Guys Cornered and intervewed: Greg LeGassick (short hair, short sleeve blue shirt),
    Eddie FuTung Chang, Ted Henry, Gary Conn and Rob Berlinger
  • Joanie Miller (white long sleeve blouse and beige pants) dancing with Jim Lind and introduced by Jim to his mother)
  • Jim Lind (white banlon short sleeve) telling his tipsy mom to "bite off".
  • On orange chairs, Lori Hutchinson (a friend of Jim's older sister Karen) and her father.

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