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VNHS 60's Alumni Winter Party 2010

See more photos on the Van Nuys High Alumni from the 60's Facebook page

Dave Cutter (W'67) from Carsbad stopped and visited his childhood home in Van Nuys on his way to the Winter Party.

Amy Cortland (W'67) from Fullerton also visited her family home on Saloma in Van Nuys
after getting picked-up by boyfriend Dave at her home in Fullerton.

While still on their way to the Winter Party there was a distraction.........

Yeah that is what we want......

Dave devours the dog!

Amy savours the dog.

Dave and Amy after fueling on the local delicacy are drawn to these buildings on Cedros Ave in Van Nuys.

VNHS is now a Theater Arts magnet school...Marilyn, Jane, Robert, Natelie, Paula, Kim, Ed jr.

This is Jacque Coy, Live Concert Production and ROP teacher. He used to tour with Frank Zappa and many others. Dave and Amy had an interesting conversation with Jacque and he invited them in to see the surround sound and new lighting in the auditorium, now theatre.

Inside the renovated school auditorium and now theater.

At the party Donna Merkow in beige and Dale Malcomb in blue coat.

Dave and Amy get reacquainted with Joan Thompson and Bill Paparian of the W'67 - Elysians.

Paul Bergman W'67 and Amy say hello :O)

Old buds, Bill, Doug Holiday W'67 and Dave.

Another local "delicacy" Barone's pizza arrives.

9 pizzas are enjoyed by all.

Amy and Chris Conkling W'67 were content.

Also content with a good meal and good friends are S'66 Sharon Regan, Jessie Armstrong, Jim Lind and Marsha Edell S'68.

And now we made room for the rose peddled dessert.

Thanks Lee Fournier W'66 for hosting the party and serving the cake.

Dave Cutter entertained us all after dinner with some great oldies.

Mike Foxworth W'68 enjoyed reviewing all yearbooks.

Nina, Paul and Merrily Goodman listen to Dave sing.

Close up on Nina Fridkis S'67.

Dave's hottenanny was hot.

Sona and Bill Paparian appreciate old friend Dave sing.

Cheryl Beaty W'68 and Dale Malcomb S'66 taking in the lively sound.

Joan, Doug and Amy loving the music.

Marlene Magenheim and Jessie Armstong S'66 talk music.

Mike (Nick) Foxworth and Bill Paparian.

Inside Lee's kitchen with Nina, Jessie and Sharon.

Paul and Dale ponder the meaning of the evening.

Sona with Bill showing off his cool letterman's jacket.

Sitting in the chair is Jill Demeraest S'60 and next to her is Norman Malin, husband of Rosyln Harris W'67, not shown. Bill P after picking up pizza, also Jane Isquith S'68 (blond) and her husband in the striped sweater.

Bill P., Dave C., Jim L., and Amy C relaxing.

Chris Conkling, Bill and Dave are in the zone.

Amy and Dave had a Love-ly time at the party.

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