16 Reasons to Go to the Reunion

  1. Everyone else is overweight and out of shape too.
  2. No one looks or acts like they did in High School.
  3. Health is the new wealth, who wouldn't trade all their net worth for good eye sight and low blood pressure.
  4. Very Few of us are still healthy or wealthy.
  5. We did go to the best high school and at the best time, and in-between being a moody teenager we had lots of fun learning and growing up.
  6. We had some wonderful teachers and hope to get some of them to attend also.
  7. The Southern California girls were the best and have aged well.
  8. The Southern California boys were a bit wild, but have mellowed nicely.
  9. We cruised the coolest boulevard in America; it was like we were living in a movie.
  10. The Reunion is going to be a loose, relaxed weekend, with lots of time to catch up.
  11. The music will be good, but will not dominate and the band will play last, so socializing will be easy to do.
  12. The price is as good as we could get it given the size of the group.
    Most reunions charge a lot more and offer an artificial atmosphere with an out of touch D.J., but not ours.
  13. We have finally let our egos and insecurities go and now deeply appreciate the simple joy of seeing our friends after all these years.
  14. We have known our school friends longer then anyone else except for a few relatives. We share a very unique set of childhood and teenage experiences.
  15. Tell us who you want to see at the reunion and we will personally invite them to attend.
  16. Facebook is not the same as seeing your school friends in person.
  17. Quit resisting you know you want to go!! (extra credit)

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