Class of 1966

Summer Class A12 President's Message

Dear Classmates of 1966,

Do you ever go through your old annuals, Van Nuys High school news papers or wonder what some of your friends are doing now? I do; and I bet most of you do also. Time goes by so quickly. I remember our graduation day and thought about never seeing alot of you ever again. Reunions are the time when you can see old friends laugh, smile, hug and make new memories to cherish and have forever.

We want all our classmates to come. We don't care if you have millions, or your just making it . We want to see you and enjoy your company. We don't care if you're bald or heavy, we care about seeing you the person. I want so much for all of you to come.

Tell classmates you still might have contact with to go to our reunion web site and get them to come. Write us and say you want to help in anyway you can. Seeing old freinds and classmates every five years is better than not seeing them at all. By you coming shows you not only care, but hold in your heart the memories we had at Van Nuys High together. My heart and arms are ready to hug you all at the reunion.

See you there,

Post Reunion Message
"WHAT A WEEKEND" I'm usually a person that finds it easy to say what I feel, but this time I am overwhelmed by what happened at our reunion weekend. The emotions that have run through my body, through my heart makes me so full of pride and so full of love for all of you.

Seeing so many of you come which we estimate around 300 and seeing the glow in your eyes, the smiles on your faces and the genuine affection you gave to each other was a memory I will never ever forget. Classmates who were not even close friends before exchanging phone numbers, old friends with misty eyes seeing one and other for the first time in 35 years, classmates who never came to a reunion before saying to our committee they had a wonderful time. Nothing in the world could replace this and nothing ever will.

What I ask of you all now is to stay in touch with each other and the committee. If you move email us and tell us. The Reunion site will be up for the next five years thanks to all of you, so please keep in touch. Write us and tell us the experience you had so we can post it. Tell us what you enjoyed and also what you would like to see next time. We will keep adding something new so keep going to the site.

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves so much that you will come to the 40th.... and some of you may Volunteer to help. I thank all of you who did help this time around, we couldn't have had our reunion come off the way it did without your help.

So if you get a call from any of us four years from now, you'll know you've been recruited to help. Please write me also, you have my email address, I too want to hear from you all and I will write you back, I promise.! I never had a chance to really talk with you all for obvious reasons so this will give me a chance to do so. Take care of yourselves, and I wish you all happiness and health till we meet again in 2006.

With a heartfelt thanks,

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