Class of 1966

35th Class Reunion Weekend

WHAT A REUNION!!!! Our 35th Van Nuys Class of 1966 Reunion was an exciting and wonderful time. At the Saturday Night Reunion Party the feeling in the atmosphere was one of pure joy and affection for each other!

For many this was their first high school reunion. And a lot of us had not seen each other in 35 years so it was quite a delightful evening. Everyone kept saying how much fun they were having and those who had been to several reunions said that it was the best Reunion ever.

The dance floor was filled with everyone making their best Sports Nights moves once again to the Shiverin' Bones. And they were hot!!! ...Grant, Kerry, Scott, Ted and guys were great! Thanks for taking the Reunion Party up a few notches.

There were gobs of tears in everyone's eyes and so many huggs and kisses from old friends and lovers. It was a very emotional and therapeutic evening. Thanks to all of you for sharing your feelings and memories and making this a night to remember. Big hugs to all our wonderful friends in the Class of 1966.

There are too many of us to name them all so start working your crimson and grey matter to figure who is who...
(hint...Blaine, Dale and Kenny)

We started with 233 paid in advanced. We set up 26 tables for 260 just in case. We had to add 4 more tables to sit 300 to max out the Ballroom!!!

Chris, &Wife, Brian, Jim, and Rusty

Murray and Alex

More Saturday Night Photos 2

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