Class of 1966

40th Reunion Saturday Night Party
The Sheraton Universal
October 7, 2006

Nina Lipschultz, Nancy Kaufman, Carol Cherry
Linda Kaufman, Vera, Sandy Malloy, Jason Saleeby,
Leslie Corson, Sharyn Golden and Donna Merkow

Joan Osborn, Chris Hunt and Vera :o)

Nancy Coffey and Judy Lloyd

Cindy Pardo, Vera, Brenda Rodgers, Dan Chavis, and Frank Dupuis

Linda Bovee, Marilyn Reed, Nancy Meade, Marlene Magenheim, Linda Addi and Joanne Beggs

Vera and Donna

Kathy Tuttle, Jessie Armstrong, Judy Lloyd and Sharon Regan

Rod Spector, Vera, Sandy Mohr and Linda Kaufman

Trudy Macchia and Jessie Armstrong

After Party around 3am... Dale Malcomb, Mary Gentzkow, Chris Manwaring and many more

Lee Fournier and Nancy Meade after party

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