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Fred Michael
I am currently a Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for the City of Los Angeles and Looking forward to retirement (Jan. 2003).
Carl Rowe
Excellent job on the website and finding so many people after 35 years. Check out
Reese Davis
Contrary to the belief of many, I am not lost. . . just temporarily out of touch. Much to catch up on; see you all at the reunion.
Greg Timbers
Graduated UCLA, BS-1970, MS-1972 I work for JBL (speakers) as Chief Engineer, 29 years so far. I have lost contact with all High School folks Still live in the same general area. Very nice Website.
Thom Piper
Former member of the CIA, able to overthrow small countries in a single bound. Recently arranged the assassination of prominent Brazilian politicians in Rio Grande. Confidant to Bill Clinton during times of moral unrest and devastation. Awarded Red Badge of Courage for actions in undercover drug raids in South America. Serves on the Board of Directors of "Cattle Drivers and Chicken Ranchers Unite!"
Bill Klein Kaptowsky
Graduated UC Berkeley 1970- BA Political Science Immigrated to Israel in 1972 Living just outside Jerusalem with my Wife and 3 children. Own and manage a business dealing in military surplus equipment. Served in Israeli Army (Paratroopers) Regular army and reserves.
Harold Breyde
Stumbled on the Classmates site yesterday, now this! This is great! Already see a lot of familiar names. Was in Navy for 23 years, married and am retired now in Pensacola, Fl.
Linda Gaboury
Moved from Calif after the earthquake in 95.
Gary Sanserino
I would not think of missing the Reunion. There are so many of you fellow Wolf-mates that I look forward to seeing.
Dennis Padgett
Living in the mountains about 15 minutes from the south gate to Yosemite Natl Park since 1977. Licensed Building Contractor doing Custom Homes,Remodels and Additions.
Laurie Babbini
Hi there! Here I am, you may remember me as Laurie Babbini. I am now Laurie Little. I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I want to be added to your Reunion list! If there is anything I can do from way out here, please let me know. I wrote to Judy Bloomberg, who is living in Tallahassee and has her own dance company, about the reunion and the reunion site. Ronnie Shamblee forwarded me a copy of a letter written by Jim Lind, I believe, "Another Reunion Wrinkle". I have several email addresses: (see address page) Pick one you like, I check them all frequently. Each one serves a different purpose. (You kinda wonder if I have trouble making up my mind? I haven't changed.) I have my own business, real estate property appraisals and was a realtor for over 10 years before that. Would that I could retire! I have 3 great kids and am lovin' life down here in the Sunshine State!
Susan Sitzer
The Web site is a great idea
Penny Campbell
Fantastic web site. love it. Divorced. 3 kids. 2 grandchildren.
Ned Carcolici
I've got a wonderful family - Mary Ann is simply the best and she suffers me well - 3 children (32, 29, 14) and two grandchildren. Life is good in Seattle, and I am truly blessed.
Candy Smith King
I would absolutely love to see some high school pals again.
Blakely Owen Pallock
The web site is a great idea! Good job!
Rita Borofsky
Thanks for all this effort to get everyone together. Let me know if I can help in any way.
Kent Aronson
I am alive and well. Feel free to contact me.
Vince Perillo
I live in San Diego and will be up there barring anymore catastrophies. B.S. Politica Science Arizona State A.A. Health and P.E. Tried out with Major Leage Baseball long time ago. Still play hard ball today. No work, little resources, but will get there with help from my friends. Never been to one yet.
Steve Fischler
Hi all, Looking forward to seeing everyone this coming weekend. Go Wolves!
Linda Reeder Miller
Bachelors and Masters from CSUN - Environmental Health - working at Ventura County. Wonderful husband, fantastic daughter - two beautiful granddaughters. Really enjoy the site! Such memories!
Renee Drager
Dear Jim, Kerry, and the rest of the wonderful Reunion Committee: I apologize for the delay in sending this note to you all to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for an absolutely terrific 35th reunion. It was obvious that a great deal of thought, planning, and very hard work went in to making everything a big success! It was so wonderful to see old friends and get acquainted with new people I didn't really know that well in school. For someone who was very nervous about going in the first place, I came away feeling that I wouldn't have missed it for the world! How wonderful to be able to get together and not worry about the superficial things we thought were so important back then, but just to spend time with each other, just caring about the person and nothing else! Jim, I must thank you especially for the website, it is absolutely outstanding! Again, thanks to all of you for all your dedication and hard work -- I know I speak for all who attended that it is very much appreciated. Looking forward to our 40th (ouch!)
Lou Watson
You throw a mean party dude! I had an excellent time at the party and especially enjoyed the tour of the campus. My compliments to you and everyone else on the committee. A job well done!
Stuart Katz
Alive and well in South San Francisco after having lived in Arizona, Texas, Iowa (that is not a typo) before coming back to California.
Dave Nickell
I have lived in Redding for the past 29 years, I live two miles from Lake Shasta, have three kids and a great wife. I love to hunt, fish and ride my Harley FLH Classic.
John Fergus
The mad scientist is back. . . John Fergus The Big Search: Ok, Blakely Owen and Bill Bedoian, where are you guys? Bill, I recall you had a crush on Blakely. What happened, I missed the last half of the drama. Kathy Morgan: Class before Charmones. "Something" Summer 65. She's doing great! If you want to cantact her, email me and I can forward your info, it would be a big surprise to her. But don't tell her or it won't be a suprise. Sherman Oaks Grade school: Anyone graduate in Jan. 1960? email me. This site is a great idea. I'm saddened by the loss of so many, so young (memorial). To all classmates: High school was really great. I hope it was the same for you!
Jeffery Rothman
Went to UCLA for BA and MA before attending Georgetown Med. Married (and divorced) with 2 boys, now 27 and 24 years old. Just remarried in 2004 and living in San Diego area since 1981, practicing (and hopefully succeding at) gastroenterology in Oceanside.
Marissa Nichols
Wow! Can't believe how many schoolmates I recognized. Great webpage. Found out from Larry "Spike" Tompkins the other day.
Jerry Beverino
LOST & FOUND!! Jerry is still very much alive and kicking after all these years and he lives next door to me in Southern CA.. He is quite handsome, fit, still has all of his hair with a few added silver threads, and he looks much younger than most of his peers. I showed him the photos from this past reunion. I am his girlfriend and will watch for the announcements re: the reunion in 2006. .....
Jerry is still living in San Diego. He is divorced and has two gorgeous adult sons who are still single. He looks great and is in good health too. He still has all of his own hair and has all of his own teeth and no belly either. He continues to be the best dancer this side of China. He lives a full and happy life and has an incredible sense of humor. We plan to attend the Luau in September.

Mike Dixon
The committee is doing a fantastic job. keep up the good work. can it really be 40 years? unbelievable!
Barbara Mallach
Barbara is a Superior Court Judge.
James Kleinrath
Hi All, I graduated from UCLA Dental in 1972, moved to San Carlos (SF Bay area)and practiced dentistry for 26 years. After my second divorce I discovered Dancesport (competitive ballroom dancing). I sold my practice in 1999 and now teach ballroom and social dancing. It's really cool to recognize names I had forgotten for years. Thanks for this site!
Dennis Padgett
Living in the mountains near Yosemite for the past 33 years. Have 4 Grand children...all girls! Still working and riding my scooter on the weekends when the weather cooperates.
Patricia Wick Vizzoni
Attended Robert Fulton Jr. High Got my R.N. From L.A. County Medical Center School of Nursing. Served in the U.S.Army Nurse Corps from 1969 to 1971. Married in 1971.
Timothy Morris
If you are in the Ogden, Utah area and play pickleball, get in touch with me.We have a large pickleball following here, even bigger then Salt Lake City.
Dean Podromos
Retired Navy and U.S. Treasury. Semi-retired attorney in private practice. Restoring my 1951 Hudson Hornet. Asst.Scoutmaster at Troop 94 Folsom.
Penny Campbell
3 sons and two granddaughters.
Timothy Morris
Hi Guys. It's been awhile. After VNHS I went to Brigham Young Univ. and earned a BS Degree. I joined the Mormon Church when I was 22. Worked as a conductor on the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad for 14 years then went to Amtrak for 14 years. Moved from LA to Huntsville, AL, back to LA, Provo UT Surprise AZ and back to UT.Four kids, a beautiful wife. Retired. Write model Railroad articles and train books. Have a HUGH model RR in the basement that has been published in nations mags. Play Pickleball (a lot) Want to play Oct 8 in the AM? See you in Oct.
PS Anyone know where Larry Fox is? How about Sue Scott?

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