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Please send us as much of the following information as you can about yourself or any other classmates (not already found) by filling out the Form. The   found  status means we know a current mailing address. Otherwise they are considered  lost.  If we only have your e-mail address then you are considered  almost found :)  Please send a seperate message for each class member you have a street or email address.

Your e-mail address will only be displayed with your permission. But displaying your address is an excellent way to hear from another classmate. Our main purpose for asking for it is that we send most of our announcements via email.

The Name List was created from the yearbook or graduation list and is missing several classmates names. If you would like to add a name not on the list even if you don't know where they are living, please use the form below for that also and include your name.

Also we encourage you to add your name to our class list if you started out at Van Nuys High, but moved before graduation or senior year. Or also went to Jr High at Madison, Fulton, Milikan or Van Nuys Jr high schools and would like to join in the activites of your Van Nuys High school friends.

If you would like to give a short bio on your life in the comments section, we will display it on the Hello Page.

Also we are asking for your suggestions on which of our teachers to invite to the Reunion Picnic... can't remember see the Faculty Photos.

We are open to any suggestions for improving our Class of 1966-67 web site. Please use the comments section below for these purposes.

It has been a blast from the past to create this web site for our classmates at Van Nuys High. This web site has been created and inspired by Jim Lind, Kerry Zirin, Holli Bridenstine, Phil Buccola, Jessie Armstrong and Marlene Magenheim. And now from the 1967 class Janet Elliot, Amy Cortland and Paul Bergman.

Mail your class stuff and photos to: Jim Lind, 2295 Mint Blvd. Fairfield, Iowa, 52556.
Or preferrable e-mail your scanned items as attachments ( in JPEG or GIF file format) to: gowolves at vannuys66.com

Class of 1966 or 1967 Information Form
Class of 1966: Winter Summer
Class of 1967: Winter Summer

First Name:

Last Name:
Married Name:
Address #1:
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Home Phone: -
Display email: Yes No
Reunion: Yes Maybe
My Bio:
Teachers Invite:
Your e-mail address may not display on the class address list for up to 24 hours. If after a couple of days, it is still not displayed then please try sending the form again as we ocassionally have a server problem, thanks.

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