Remember These?

Yeah! yeah! Yeah!
Ok we were only 4 here, wrong Bob's.
Let's hope so.
Didn't Richard go to Van Nuys?
A penny for Jerry's thoughts....
Greaser's Rule, well the cars did...Friday Night of the 40th Reunion!
Pettinger and Saleby at the winter party.....see ya at the 40th dudes.
East Valley Fun.
Diana Skinner, Anita Weinberg and Nancy Barngrover...when was this??
Close up on the 35th, while it was still tame.
For sure, For sure!
The Wall, The Beach, The Grill!
Winter class saw this eh!
SportsNight '64, see who you recognize....Rene Drager, Gary Sanserino, John Shannon, Jerry Staines, Steve Fischler, Ted Henry, Mary Bowen, John Nicholson, ....
American Grafitti for real.
Saturday Night !!
After 'high' school.

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