Class of 1966

Let's Cruise
Van Nuys Boulevard
Just Cruising

Cruise Music
Push On/Off Buttons
Fuzzy Dice
Greaser's Rule!
Future Wolves Fulton Jr High
Back Seat Lovers
Van Nuys Drive-In
Feed the Engine Oil Up!
To Thee Thy Dear Our High School We Sing Dum De Dum
Listen Before Buying
Fill Up The Trunk!
Sepulveda Drive-In

   Big Boy

MoreFuture Wolves    Van Nuys Jr. High
Sherman Oaks Crowd

Madras and Connie's Surfer's Rule!
What a Bitchen Car!
Turn Around And Cruise Again Oscar's
Lurk!!! Sneak A Peak!
Who Really Ate Here? MAMBO
The Best for Dogs The Enemy
       Look Out! Mom I'll Be At The Library
    Ontre's Cafeteria
Where You Took Your Parent's Car Van Nuys Car Wash
Swim, Baseball, Hang Out

Van Nuys
Oaks Park

First Legal Drink Go Here With The Parents
Let's turn around and do it again
CASA BURGER Real Cheap Burgers
Makeout on Muholland
Vals Welcome!
Sorrento Beach
Bar and Grill
Cutting School
Date Night Here We Come

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