Classes of 1966 & 1967 October, 2011 Reunion Recap

Hi All, If you attended the reunion on October 22 then you know how nice a reunion it was.

About 240 attended which is a very high attendance number for a 45th reunion. At this point 45 years out from high school, a lot of people quit attending reunions due to various reasons.

Many cannot even remember high school or have blanked it out due to the love-hate nature of those 3 years and how emotional it was. Also some are now suffering from chronic health issues which makes it tough to go see people we knew when we were at the peak of our youth and health. Our hearts go out to those who are suffering and we wish them good health and healing.

But for those brave souls who could face their high school past with an open heart and mind, they had a wonderful time at this reunion. The facility was decorated to the hilt with memorabilia from our school days which helped get everyone into the mood.

There was plenty of time to visit with friends though many said the party could have gone on for hours in order spend enough time with so many friends.

The evening kicked off in the patio area in lovely California weather where alums gathered before going into the Ballroom to the soft acoustic sounds of Dave Cutter, Betsy Holt and Judy Anderson Weintraub W'67 (henceforth known as "The Elysian Singers") accompanied by Linda Fortunato S'66 on the tambourine as they strummed and sang songs from our era including hits by Buffalo Springfield, Credence Clearwater Revival and a rousing version of Chuck Berry's "Roll over Beethoven".

The buffet dinner was excellent and had many choices. There was an abundance of free wine thanks to Paul Berkman.

There was entertainment from Steve Fagrey doing stand up review of our childhood TV commercials, and there was a montage slide show of our lives from birth to graduation.

The Periscopes Band played better then when they were in high school which means they were hot and the place was rockin'. Huge thanks to Ted Kruger, John Nicholson, Rich Golden and Jim Hungerford for making this happen.

Everyone had a smile on their face the entire evening as they ran into person after person who they shared their school years. The reunion committee members were told by many how wonderful and fulfilling the Saturday night party was.

Those who attended the entire reunion weekend starting Friday night with the Bob's and Blvd cruise, plus the Saturday night party, and also went to the Sunday VNHS school tour were simply blown away with the 3 day High they were on from spending quality time with old friends in such a relaxed and joyful way.

So Here's to Thee Thy Dear High School, and to all of you who attended and were willing to share your lives together once again.


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Photographers: Pati Glass, Buddy Lester, Jim Lind, Rich Olmstead, Amy Cortland and Dave Cutter

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The Committee hand selected songs from our time as teenagers, to be played at the Reunion. We did play quite a few of them on the Bus Tour, but because of sound system problems, we didn't get to play very many at the Reunion. We have made copies (four CD's) and have them ready. We are asking for a $15.00 donation as this will help contribute to the debt from the reunion, and possibly add funds for a future party. If you are interested, please contact Joanne Beggs LaLone at for more information.

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