Class of 1966

40th Reunion Saturday Night Party
The Sheraton Universal
October 7, 2006

View of the banquet room at the
Sheraton Universal. Thanks to Deryck True for these photos.

Mary Gentzkow, Dale Malcomb, Gary Sanserino and Steve Kuhn.

Lovely Julie Katz, Sturat Katz and Renee Drager

The lovely Mrs. Lee, Frank Lee and Jessie Armstrong

Lori Mancini and handsome date.

Sue Munson, Lynne Roewart, Judy Galati, Jean Buchanan, Lee Fournier, Kathy Tuttle and Anita Weinberg

John Garrick's lovely wife and Lisa Stege

Dean Podromos, Blakely Owen, Susan Sitzer and Paul Bernstein

Mike's lovely wife, Mike Bristow, Patricia Gibson, Linda Trudgeon Wayne Perkins

Carol Abramson, Anita Weinberg, Nina Lipshultz, Sue Gartland,
Vera Pikkel, Nancy Meade and Linda Kaufman

Kenny Bayha, Nina Lipschultz, Norin Isquith and Sue Gartland

Mike Purcell, Dale Malcomb, John Seder,
female?, Steve Weber (back), Kenny Bayha, Carol Abramson and Norin Isquith

Jean's fiance, Curt Larson, Jean Ratcliffe, Paul Sazzman

Linda Addi and Marlene Magenheim

Marilyn Reed, guest, Lori Mancini, Linda Bovee, Brewster and Nancy Meade

Dennis Miller, Rusty Postel and wife

Rod Spector and his lovely wife

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